Anti Slip Tiles Treatment: For Outdoor and Indoor Safety

Anti slip tiles treatment is very useful to make floors safer for walking. Injuries resulting from falls are very common but are more serious for children and elder people. Bedrooms and bathrooms in homes, halls, canteens, lobbies, and staircases in offices are paved with tiles of different types. Accidents happen in homes and offices and thus, it is a must to make floors slip resistance by applying chemicals.

Owners of commercial buildings invest in making their floors anti-slippery as insurance claims are borne by them. Hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, sports arenas, health clubs, and public places are always crowded and are prone to slipping accidents. Treating the floors with chemicals are important to prevent slippages. Anti-slip materials are applicable to ceramic, granite, vitrified, marble, and terrazzo tiles.

Anti Slip Tiles Treatment: For Outdoor and Indoor Safety

Indoor Tile Treatment

Tiles become very slippery when wet so we need to make sure that they stay dry as much as possible. The same goes for stairs, hallways, and kitchens. The bathroom, as part of the house, is the most vulnerable parts and falls and slippages often happen. The use of mat is one good way to prevent bathroom falls and skids. Another effective way is to apply anti slip tiles treatment for the bathroom floors.

The chemical is colorless and is applied like paint on the floor surface. Its basic function is to increase the coefficient of friction between the surfaces, thus reducing the chances of falls. In addition, the chemical only takes about five minutes to dry and unaffected by water. It is also made of fire-resistant material and serves as a retardant. It has a low odor that acts as a protection for the floor against cracks and scratches.

Outdoor Tile Treatment

The treatment is also effective to be used in outdoor areas like the porticos, poolside, and driveways. When kids play outdoors, they may injure themselves because of slip and fall. To prevent this from happening, parents can treat paved tiles with anti-decking materials. As soon as this is applied, the material stays for months or even years, depending on the usage.

The poolside and other play areas are considered to be risky zones for the kids and they should always be treated with an anti-slip material to prevent falls and accidents. Indoors, the application of the said material is easy and just a single application is enough to prevent falls. 

But for the outdoors, given that it is exposed to different weather conditions like storm, rain, snow, and sunlight dual coating is necessary. Also, special attention should be given to areas that surround the pool as they are always wet and prone to slippages.

Making sure that the tiles are not just attractive to look at but are safe as well is very important. Be sure that you give importance to it and invest in making them safer.