Drill Rig Bits

How to Choose the Right Drill Rig for Sale For Your Needs

Need a drill rig for sale for your project? Choosing one that meets your specific project conditions and requirements is necessary in making the most out of the investment. If this is your first time and you’re at a loss for how you can do that, here are some essential pointers for consideration that you can use.

Drill Rig Bits

Study your options

In selecting your rig, you will find that there are many types that you will encounter. These come with differing methodologies, such as mud rotary, air rotary, dual rotary, cable tool, hollow auger, sonic, direct push, and diamond core. These are suited to varying applications, depending on factors such as ground condition, sample quality or type, and even budget. Similarly, they come with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Making sense of all these necessitates knowing what you should about your options. You do not have to become an expert on drill rigs, but it is helpful to take the time and effort required in finding your way around them. There are plenty of resources and information that you can consult to be familiar with each type.


Ask for personalised guidance

If you don’t have the time to do your own research, or you are apprehensive about being able to understand the options that you will have, you can ask for personalised guidance from a manufacturer or supplier. Trusted resources such as Drill Techniques provide their customers with the one-on-one coaching that they may need so that they can find the best possible model for their requirements and conditions, as well as be guided towards the safe and proper configuration of the equipment for optimal performance.


Choose a trusted drill rig supplier

Finally, make sure that you are getting your drill rig for sale from a reputable source. If you’re not getting it directly from the manufacturer, the company that you choose should be an authorised supplier or distributor. Check the scope of their experience, particularly where customer satisfaction is concerned. Vet the type of equipment that they offer, as you should be assured of getting products from manufacturers that have proven the quality of the equipment that they bring to the market. Also, look at the warranty, especially the fine print. There are terms that may limit the comprehensiveness of a warranty and it is important that you are aware of these, so that you can decide accordingly. And if you have questions or concerns, make sure that your rig resource knows.