ICF: Questions to Ask Your Supplier

Insulated concrete forms, or ICFs, are recognised to be revolutionary products that have changed the name of the game for the construction industry. Since their initial incorporation into the industry, they have only gone on to enjoy widening reception, and for plenty of good reasons. First off, ICFs outperform other materials in many aspects, from indoor comfort to insulation. In addition, they are sustainable, since their material composition does not take much from natural resources. And they can significantly offset your utilities costs, as they have been found to effective reduce cooling and heating needs inside premises.

If you’re interested in using ICFs for your residential, commercial, or industrial construction project, congratulations! You will surely find the decision to be rewarding. And if you want to make the most out of it, choosing the right supplier is important. Here are some questions that you should ask when you’re looking for such a supplier.


How long have you been doing this?

The very first thing that you should try to establish with your ICF supplier is their history. Ideally, they should have been in the industry for a respectable amount of time, such as Zego. Why? Track record does not only accord you with the peace of mind that you need from knowing that you will get quality products. It will also help you feel assured that they have been manufacturing their products according to industry specifications and construction standards.


What can I use your ICF for?

It is also important to know about the specific applications that you can use an ICF for. For example, Zego’s polystyrene wall cladding materials are ideal for a wide range of projects, including construction for vaults, car parks, swimming pools, and even water tanks. Additionally, ask about the specific types of ICF that they offer. This will help you plan for the project properly, and save you the hassles involved in purchasing a product that is not right for what you have in mind.


Do you offer product support and training?

If you opt to just buy the product and install it yourself or with your team, you have to be learned in the technicalities of such a process. Even if you think that you are, it is still beneficial to ask the manufacturer about particular practices that are suited to the specific kind of ICF that you will be installing.


Will installation be difficult?

Finally, ask about the duration of the installation, as well as the specific steps that are necessary in starting and completing it. In this way, you can calculate essential aspects such as timeframe.