Perth Swimming Pools

Questions to Ask Perth Pools Installers

Perth Swimming Pools

Thinking it’s time to invest in a swimming pool for your home? In Perth, pools are truly among the best ways to make the most of the weather that the region enjoys. Additionally, there are a lot of trusted pool installers such as Jubilee Pools and Landscapes who can help you make sure that your investment will be put to good use.

When choosing among these installers, what you should focus on is finding the best one of them for your project. To that end, don’t forget to ask these questions while screening your candidates.


Is your business licenced or registered?

This is among the most important questions that you can ask a pool installer. Proper credentials are necessary in verifying the installer’s technical competence, as well as their commitment to adhering to established standards for installation. Do not work with installers who function without a licence or a business registration, for your own protection.


What kind of swimming pool projects have you worked on in the past?

It is also necessary to have an accurate look of the extent of your installer’s experience so ask for a copy of their portfolio. Ideally, it is better to choose installers who have worked on both commercial and residential pool projects as that means that the range of their expertise is wide enough to be able to handle differing project requirements. In addition, vet the professionalism of the members of their team. It will not do to hire an installer who is truly good but is not courteous.


What inclusions does your quote cover?

Another critical question to pose is the inclusions of an installer’s quote. You see, you have to make sure that the price that you are being asked to pay covers everything that you need for your Perth swimming pool installation. Some installers may, after all, charge extra fees for certain services. So from the get-go, ask if there is anything that the project costs may not cover.


Do you provide a free consultation?

Finally, ask for a free consultation at your home. This will allow the installer to conduct a personal survey of the site of installation for your swimming pool, as well as the ground conditions. These will help them prepare accordingly for the process, so that you can look forward to a convenient project that will start and end without a hitch.

When you’re satisfied with your installer’s answers, ask for a written contract and keep a copy of it.