Time to Say Goodbye to Obesity with Mini Gastric Bypass

Time to Say Goodbye to Obesity with Mini Gastric Bypass

A healthy body and mind make a person function effectively and efficiently. A body that is affected by any sort of disease will not be able to function fully, thus a person would not be able to prosper in life. At present, obesity has become a major problem that a lot of people are suffering from. A person that is considered to be obese is likely to suffer from emotional, mental, and physical problems. Also, they are hesitant to mingle with people and they create their own separate world.

A Weak Body is a Weak Mind

As time goes by, people who have problems with their weight become weaker mentally. It is also never easy to reconcile and obese person. But, at present, there are ways available to give these people a reason to smile. One of them is through mini gastric bypass. This type of surgery does its wonder by removing excess fats from the body and making it possible for obese people to live a normal life. This has been a reliable method of removing fats from the body.

Simple Yet Helpful Surgery

A mini gastric bypass surgery is a simple type of procedure that reduces excess fats, calories, and foods from the small intestines. Two methods are available to perform a gastric surgery. One is open incision and the other one is laparoscopic surgery. In the latter method, several incisions are being made in the abdomen of the patient and a gastrointestinal operation is doe with the use of a laparoscope and other surgical instruments. Also, a small video camera is being attached to a laparoscope and then inserted into the incision.

The Procedure

The surgeon who performs the procedure will be watching the video image on a monitor. However, when it’s an open incision, a bigger abdominal incision is performed and the said process can be very painful. On the other hand, gastric surgery is safe and patients can have a sigh of relief.

In addition, the surgery is also a quick laparoscopic procedure. In fact, it will only take at least 30 minutes to be performed. The process is also pain-free and patients can even go home right after it’s done. The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is the most popular type of gastric surgery performed on patients who aim to lose weight. This procedure is a combination of malabsorptive and restrictive approaches.


As soon as the operation is done, it is important for patients to follow a very strict diet. There are three phases of diet. Liquid diet, pureed diet, and regular diet. Given that patients follow all instructions from the doctor, they would be able to resume work as soon as possible. This would also mean that they will better enjoy the positive results of the surgery.