Flammable storage cabinets

Tips in Choosing Flammable Storage Cabinets

Flammable storage cabinets

Flammable storage cabinets are essential to facilities and premises that handle hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods. If you need one in your workplace, you know that you have to make sure that you choose the right one properly. The wrong selection is not only going to increase safety risks, it may also get you in trouble with regulatory boards or organisations.

Ready? Consider these.


Be aware of specific standards and regulations

In Australia, there are two certain standards that you have to keep in mind when choosing flammable storage cabinets: AS 1940 and AS 3780. In addition to these, your specific state may have additional or supplementary regulations. For instance, in Queensland, facilities or premises that handle flammable liquids and dangerous goods should not only make according preparations for their safe storage, they should also provide personal protective equipment and manage risks from hazardous atmospheres and airborne contaminants, among others. Your state may do the same. As such, it is important to secure proper guidance on what you should be aware of before selecting your storage cabinet.

Choose a good supplier

Additionally, make sure that your supplier of flammable storage cabinets has a long and trusted history of providing top-of-the-line equipment and accessories that meet Australian standards. Such suppliers like Global Spill Control can be trusted to not only give you your money’s worth, but also help you make sure that your facilities will continue to be safe for you and your staff, as well as your productivity and operational functionality requirements. Furthermore, you can ask for comprehensive guidance on how you can incorporate your purchase of those cabinets into your workplace so that you can be sure of putting them to their full use.


Pick the right cabinet for your type of liquids or goods

It is also critical that you choose the right type of flammable storage cabinets for the type of liquids or goods that you will keep. Flammable liquids, for instance, are categorised as a Class 3 substance; similarly, other goods have their corresponding packing group based on their flash and initial boiling points. To be sure that you get the right equipment, consider the Safety Data Sheet that comes with the liquids and goods. Additionally, you can consult your supplier as to what accessory to get for what you need to store.  


In addition to labelling and classifications, also see to it that you are aware of the maximum quantity of liquid that the cabinet can hold prior to selecting it.