Wireless home security

Why Go Wireless?

There are multiple benefits gained by choosing a wireless alarm system. Take advantage of the latest developments in security technology and go wireless.

Wireless home security

Massive savings of time and money

A wireless alarm system operates using radio signals to provide secure coverage in your defined target area. With no hard wiring or cabling your installation costs will be affordable. You also save time a wireless system only takes an hour or two to set up.


Excellent range and highly flexible and adaptive coverage

Flexibility and range are assured. For people living in multi-story properties, or for homeowners with large properties, a wireless alarm system offers the ability to communicate over a huge area and is adaptable to any space. The wireless signal will penetrate walls, concrete, marble and save you the cost of a contractor drilling through these materials to cable. For extremely large areas you can link two systems together to achieve even greater coverage.


A wireless system does not rely on your home’s power system

Wireless alarm systems are battery operated and will keep functioning in the event of criminal activity resulting in power loss. Even if your phone lines and power lines are cut your system keeps helping to protect you.

Take the system with you when you go!

If you are in a home or business location short-term, a wireless home security system allows you to simply re-install the system at your new location EASY!